• The February 10th raid WAS infiltrated by Scientologists posing as protesters. The man all the way to the left, and the woman 2 spaces right of him.
The man brought a large sign held up by a giant plastic sword wrapped in duct tape. As ridiculous as that sounds, it's true. The woman was a rather small, thin girl in her early 20's. She wore a knit cap, a polo, jeans, and some kind of brown leather moccasin. Those who were there know who I am talking about. Waffle girl. Neither one of them wore a mask, and thought it necessary to question why we wore masks. They even went so far as to suggest we remove them. They were very loud and obnoxious, and yelled slander across the street to the Org. If this happens again, with them or with someone else that just doesn't seem to be right, move away from them. Let the true Anon know.
  • During the pre-meet at Dunkin Donuts, this smug looking bastard
came out and attempted bullbaiting us. Do not be wary. He seems to be quite afraid of such a large group of faceless nobodys. If I remember correctly, Patty said he was a OT7, so talking about Xenu isn't going to send him running away screaming DO NOT WANT! Just be calm and knowledgeable.

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